A history of compromise

Surely one of them said, “Now that we’ve put the addition on the house, the window in the half bath opens to the screened-in porch. That seems awkward don’t you think?”

When they installed the tall cabinet above the toilet. One of them must have noticed, “We can only reach the bottom shelves, the others are a waste of space.”

The next owners ripped out the old linoleum and replaced it with vinyl. Doubtless, one said, “That’s an improvement but using a porch lantern as a bathroom light? I don’t know about that.”

And didn’t one of them ask, “Shouldn’t we replace the mirror over the new sink with one that doesn’t rattle every time we close the door?”

On the walk-through I said, “We could make this half bath into a tiny sanctuary.” She said, “What a great opportunity for repair, reuse, and recycle.”

An old cabinet with unreachable shelves and new door pulls, walls painted the color of morning sky, a delicate light fixture, and a mirror that rattles when we close the door.

Author: Mariangela Maguire

Teacher, mentor, and coach are the roles I’ve most often played in my professional life. Listening, clarifying, and encouraging best describe my methods. I provide one-on-one coaching where I listen deeply, offer clear observations, and provide new perspectives.

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